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  • Family Offices
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Insurance Companies

Almost all industries and companies are at the start of transforming their traditional business models to digital business models. This transformation is a long process where every company tries to find the right concept to meet this challenge.

We are concerned about your digital transformation. Client habits change faster, business models and processes have to be questioned and adapted constantly.

Have-a-Portfolio Solutions G.I.E. offers digital, compliance and advisory services for financial professionals and their clients. The tailored services include Client Apps, Employee Administration Consoles, Transforming Paper to Digital Documents, all European e-Signature,  e-Document Processing Modules, MIFID2/IDD compliant Private Messenger as well as modern and powerful KYC/AML Software. All these services can be acquired as a bundle or as stand-alone services to be integrated in your existing infrastructure. These services are to be performed in your environment or in the cloud, in a secured and reliable way in order to comply with stringent data privacy policies and regulatory obligations.

Your clients and your employees are the center of attention. After the transformation, objectives like benefits, KPI’s, efficiency, cost reductions have to achieved.

But before starting the digital adventure you must always keep in mind that a positive digital experience needs the following strong fundamentals: Coherent  Digital Strategy; Reliable Data; Solid IT Infrastructure; Meaningful Information; Coherent Documents; Processes & Motivated Employees.