KYC 2.0 – Be Compliant & Protect your Business

In our globalized world, business is increasingly international. As a result, it has become even more crucial to know if your customers are politically exposed or if you are breaking laws by conducting business with sanctioned individuals.

Protect your Business from Corruption and Terrorist Financing

The fourth directive will soon be implemented in national laws. The implementation will have a considerable change on compliance and risk department organisation.

HAPS has decided to use the service provided by specialists  of Technology, Regulatory, Risk and Compliance experts.These solutions are adapted to your needs and integrated in the Web Administration Console or can be implemented in your existing infrastructure.

AML Scan / Pay by Scan

Our AML Hub provides the following screenings

AML Screening and Monitoring

The AML-Scan will send an alert and detailed information for all identified hits on sanction or PEP lists.

Politically Exposed Persons lists

The system checks each person for membership in a political organization. This allows you to watch any politically exposed persons closely, to ensure there are no conflicts of interest or the potential for bribery and corruption. Not keeping track of these individuals while serving them as a client can seriously impact your reputation

Sanctions lists

International sanction regimes are changing constantly. Our system helps you to keep track of affected individuals, so you can take the appropriate measures immediately, without risking legal problems

Terrorist lists

Having terrorists as your customers is a worst case scenario for any institution. Our system immediately checks for known members of forbidden terrorist organizations worldwide. Thus, in case of a hit, you can confidently take action and address the situation immediately

Adverse Media screening

Our automated mass media review lets you monitor the business and social reputation of customers as well as keep track of their relationships with individuals whose involvement may lead to significant reputational and financial risks

Enhanced Due Diligence Report / Pay by report

The EDD Report allows risk and compliance officers to focus on high-level assessments instead of laborious manual research and combines sophisticated IT driven Data Analytics with the deep expertise and good-feeling of a human investigator.

  • Open Source Scans multiple databases
  • Response in 48h
  • Compliance officer report


  • Time efficient : no endless search sessions, less false positives, more quality time for the Risk and Compliance department
  • Fast :  scan 1400 lists within a few seconds
  • Cost effective : No annual fee; pay per request
  • Easy to understand : no training
  • Simple : embedded in existing infrastructure
  • Professionals’ expertise : challenge your findings