Our Document Signature Service is a secure platform which supports strong authentication (e.g. Smartcards, Soft-Token, CryptoSMS, OTP…) and allows authentication with the eID. The Service is to be integrated in the EDM (Electronic Document Management) our Apps and Employee Administration Console. Clients and Employees take full advantage of this easy to use tool which is compatible with all European signatures including Switzerland and Iceland.

Web Signature Portal

An evolution of our e-Signature service is the Web Signing Portal with the following features:

  • Integrated in your environment (on your server)
  • Documents and signatories managed by you
  • Multi-company signature workflow
  • Signing from anywhere on any platform with any existing means of signing
  • Improve efficiency in paperless mode


Legally binding paperless

  • Suited for all legally binding processes, even requiring signature
  • Producing e-Signatures compliant with eIDAS regulation and electronic e-Signature Directive

EU interoperability

  • Supported and powered by SD-DSS, the EU reference implementation for e-Signature
  • Accepting Smartcard or Token from any EU country
  • Signature produced with any EU eID solution

Fully secure

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) using Qualified Certificate
  • Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) using i.e. CryptoSMS
  • Document integrity guaranteed
  • Ultra-fast and reliable revocation checking against robust CRL pre-processing


  • A fully customizable solution addressing all specific needs
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures
  • Deployment flexibility: the solution can be deployed on premises or in the cloud

Supported Signatures

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)
  • AdES signature
  • CryptoSMS