Our Document Signature Service is a secure platform which supports strong authentication (e.g. Smartcards, Soft-Token, CryptoSMS, OTP…) and allows authentication with the eID. The Service is to be integrated in the EDM (Electronic Document Management) our Apps and Employee Administration Console. Clients and Employees take full advantage of this easy to use tool which is compatible with all European signatures including Switzerland and Iceland.

Web Signature Portal

An evolution of our e-Signature service is the Web Signing Portal with the following features:

  • Integrated in your environment (on your server)
  • Documents and signatories managed by you
  • Multi-company signature workflow
  • Signing from anywhere on any platform with any existing means of signing
  • Improve efficiency in paperless mode

e-signature infrastructure

Advanced (AdES) and Qualified (QES) electronic signature are digitization enablers: transform your services by offering clients a frictionless end to end journey with electronic signatures and enhance your employees’ satisfaction and productivity

You want to offer your customers the flexibility to digitally sign legally binding documents at any time on any device, from anywhere in the world. Your clients can use their existing qualified certificate, you assist them to obtain a qualified certificate or you generate a qualified certificate for remote signing.

You want to equip your employees with fashionable tablets to meet the customer. Abolished paperwork, assisted data collection and faster back-office processing will increase the productivity and the satisfaction of the employees and the clients.

You want to be able to define the type of signature required (Qualified or Advanced) depending on the type of document, jurisdiction or internal signature policy.

Then let us build your solution together based on our signature platform.

Our open architecture solution gives you the possibility to partner with security, hardware and service providers of your choice.

HAPS – Enabling Digitization from small to large companies

Our scalable solution addresses small to large companies from the financial sector. No matter if you are a bank, insurer, wealth manager, broker or family office, traditionally you generated, managed and maintained vast amounts of physical documentation, all of which was signed by hand for legal and security purposes.

Offering a frictionless customer journey by securely digitizing from first contact through opening an account and its entire lifecycle, you move more of your services online. You will offer a superior digital user experience while enhancing security and control of document management. As an added benefit, the financial and environmental costs of managing paper documents are drastically reduced.

If you choose not to insource the entire signature process, our solution allows you to validate automatically any document signed with an advanced or qualified electronic signature according to your signature policy before processing.

Our solution incorporates “What You See Is What You Sign” (WYSIWYS) technology to enhance non-repudiation and give users confidence and trust in the transactions they are committing to.

The audit trail attached to each transaction enables you and your auditors to verify all the actions of your customers and employees.

We propose to design your e-signature infrastructure

Start with the basic e-signature solution design (including standard remote analysis, 1 solution description report, provider presentation, cost & time estimation) or contact us for an on-site analysis and solution design.

or give a second opinion on your projected e-signature infrastructure.


Contact us for more information


Legally binding paperless

  • Suited for all legally binding processes, even requiring signature
  • Producing e-Signatures compliant with eIDAS regulation and electronic e-Signature Directive

EU interoperability

  • Supported and powered by SD-DSS, the EU reference implementation for e-Signature
  • Accepting Smartcard or Token from any EU country
  • Signature produced with any EU eID solution

Fully secure

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) using Qualified Certificate
  • Advanced Electronic Signature (AdES) using i.e. CryptoSMS
  • Document integrity guaranteed
  • Ultra-fast and reliable revocation checking against robust CRL pre-processing


  • A fully customizable solution addressing all specific needs
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures
  • Deployment flexibility: the solution can be deployed on premises or in the cloud

Supported Signatures

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)
  • AdES signature
  • CryptoSMS