Our Document Signature Service is a secure platform which supports strong authentication (e.g. Smartcards, Soft-Token, CryptoSMS, OTP…) and allows authentication with the eID. The Service is to be integrated in the EDM (Electronic Document Management)  and our App. Clients and Employees take full advantage of this easy to use tool which is compatible with all European signatures including Switzerland and Iceland.

The advantages of the Signature Service are:


Build your application

  • Focus on the business process
  • Rely on solid legal basis

Multi Platform support

  • Mobile first
  • Multi-browser
  • Multi-OS

EU Interoperability

  • Compliant with eIDAS regulation
  • Connected to the EU Trust Backbone
  • Compatible with solutions from any European country

Your legally binding process

  • Configurable workflow
  • Custom component

Data Capture

  • SOA capabilities
  • Reusing existing assets
  • Secure and confidential form manager

Document Generation

Document storage

  • Storage in your ECM or with the help of a PSCD partner
  • Upload files to cloud services (e.g. Seezam, DropBox, …)
  • PDF or XML file format
  • Configurable template

Signature Product

  • Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)
  • AdES signature
  • CryptoSMS
+ Legally binding paperless Suited for all legally binding processes, even requiring signatureProducing eSignatures compliant with eIDAS regulation and electronic eSignature Directive
+ EU interoperability Supported and powered by SD-DSS, the EU reference implementation for eSignatureAccepting Smartcard or Token from any EU country

Signature produced with any EU eID solution

+ Standardized Support international standards to ensure interoperability with other softwares
+ Fully secure Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) using Qualified CertificateAdvanced Electronic Signature (AdES) using i.e. CryptoSMS

Document integrity guaranteed

Ultra-fast and reliable revocation checking against robust CRL pre-processing

+ Flexible A fully customizable solution addressing all specific needsEasy integration into existing infrastructures

Deployment flexibility: the solution can be deployed on premises or in the cloud

Signature workflow flexibility (Signature Process Orchestrator)


Personalized branding

+ Mobile ready Platform compatible with mobile thanks to CryptoSMS, OTP or Soft-Token