Almost all industries and companies are at the start of transforming their traditional business models to digital business models. This transformation is a long process where every company tries to find the right concept to meet this challenge.

We are concerned about your digital transformation. Client habits change faster, business models and processes have to be questioned and adapted constantly.

With the eIDAS and GDPR regulation the European Union provided the base for trustworthy, secure and convenient digital single market. Thanks to our active participation in the development and coordination of the ‘CEF DIGITAL eSignature building bloc ‘ of the European Commission, we are proud today to be able to offer you our services and our expertise. Our services help you to unlock the full potential of this regulation and boost your business.

We propose to design your e-signature infrastructure
Start with the basic e-signature solution design (including standard remote analysis, 1 solution description report, provider presentation, cost & time estimation) or contact us for an on-site analysis and solution design.
or give a second opinion on your projected e-signature infrastructure.

HAPS offers the following digital transformation services:

Authentication and Signing Services

We help you to optimize your processes according to your business model:

  • Electronic – signature service intended for natural persons to ensure the origin and integrity of data and documents
    • Qualified
    • Advanced (cryptosms& stylus)
  • Electronic – seals service intended for legal persons to ensure the origin and integrity of data and documents;
  • Electronic – time stamps service aiming at ensuring the correctness of time linked to data and documents;
  • Electronic Authentication enables the owner of a website to verify the identity of a visitor;
  • Electronic – Information retrieval enables to read the information on e-ID or passport for further secure processing;
  • Validation service enables to control the validity of qualified and advanced electronic signatures and seals;
  • Preservation service enables the long term archiving documents with validated electronic signatures and seals;
  • Web Signing Portal service enables your clients and partners to sign your documents in your environment;
  • Mobile Signing service enables your clients and partners to sign in your mobile application;

Digitalisation Services

  • e-documents (from Word, PDF to digital) • Intelligent GDPR compliant data collection • Client profiling (MIFID algorithms) • Database and API modelling and setup

Tablet and Mobile App

User Experience (UX) is essential for the long term customer relationship. Document signing and communication will be basic features to integrated in your app for your clients.

Integration of our solutions with third party Webservices offers (open API model):

  • Country Risk Management
  • Compliance (KYC, AML, Due Diligence)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Portfolio Management System (PMS)
  • Human Resources (HR)

All these services can be acquired as a bundle or as stand-alone services to be integrated in your existing infrastructure. These services are to be performed in your environment or in the cloud, in a secured and reliable way in order to comply with stringent data privacy policies and regulatory obligations.

Your clients and your employees are the center of attention. After the transformation, objectives like benefits, KPI’s, efficiency, cost reductions have to achieved.

But before starting the digital adventure you must always keep in mind that a positive digital experience needs the following strong fundamentals: Coherent  Digital Strategy; Reliable Data; Solid IT Infrastructure; Meaningful Information; Coherent Documents; Processes & Motivated Employees.

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