Digital Document Management – Step By Step

From Paper to Digital

You have 30-60 minutes to convince a client and sign a new contract. With 2h30 paperwork to start, the customer experience will not be as positive as it could be. Reduce the time to 30 minutes and involve the customer in the process with interactive collaboration with you.


  • PDF Form
  • Word
  • PDF

  • Fields and database management
  • Partner Documents bundling
  • Client Bundling for e-signature
  • Internal Processing Workflows Integration

  • Existing Data / Documents
  • Onboarding & Maintenance processes
  • Handwritten or eSignature
  • Internal Processing Workflows

  • Signed and to be signed Documents
  • Advanced e-signature

Thanks to our paperless onboarding software, we make client acquisition simple, effective, efficient and completely paperless. Our flexible solution automatically applies country specific regulatory requirements (MiFID profile, FATCA, CRS, PEP, etc.) and includes eID identification as well as e-Signature.


Our Document Signature Service is a secure platform which supports strong authentication (e.g. Smartcards, Soft-Token, CryptoSMS, OTP…) and allows authentication with the eID. The Service is to be integrated in the EDM (Electronic Document Management)  and our Apps. Clients and Employees take full advantage of this easy to use tool which is compatible with all European signatures including Switzerland and Iceland.

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Electronic Document Management & Process Optimisation

With e-Documents and e-signature you will have to analyse and adapt your current business processes. Our Front Office and Back Office solutions are perfectly adaptable to your organisation and fit into your existing infrastructure. You will increase the productivity and motivation of your teams.