HAVE A PORTFOLIO SOLUTIONS GIE was founded in 2017 by Nowina Solutions Sàrl and Have-a-portfolio Sàrl. The company  can rely on a strong IT & Business Experience, a European e-Signature Expertise and is proud of its valuable partnerships in the areas of compliance and regulatory advisory.


Among different communication channels the mobile app is one of the most powerful. Be always present, show most important information, let your client sign documents, consolidate accounts, use the MIFID II compliant private messenger,….

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Change your PDFs to  e-documents. Go paperless, take advantage of the e-signature, reduce your administration work and improve client satisfaction….

Integrate your and your partner banks or life insurer documents, collect all information only once, never forget to collect a document or an information, work on and offline, be ready for GDPR, ….

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 E-SIGNATURE (eiDAS+Switzerland)

Validate automatically the e-signature on every document, sign electronically and prepare your documents for long term archiving,integrate the e-signature in your app or Website, …

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 KYC 2.O

In our globalized world, business is increasingly international. As a result, it has become even more crucial to know if your customers are politically exposed or if you are breaking laws by conducting business with sanctioned individuals.

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