Create your app, use the most powerful communication channel. Allow your client a frictionless journey to use your services, be always present, show most important information, let your client sign documents, integrate your secure  private Messenger, improve the quality of your service,….

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DATA COLLECTION & DOCUMENT GENERATION (multi-custodian integration )

Reduce onboarding and document maintenance costs up to 66%… Increase employee satisfaction and efficiency…. Integrate and share your and your partner’s documents, collect all information only once, never forget to collect a document or an information, work on and offline, be GDPR compliant by design, …. Read more                                                                                          


eIDAS is one of the main drivers of the Digital Single Market. Integrate our eID and e-signature services into your applications to be at the latest state of development. Authentication with eID, definiton of your signature validation risk matrix, e-seals for company  documents, user friendly Web Signing Portal to control the signature process,… Read more                                                                                               

API INTEGRATION with your software

API Integration gives you the needed flexibility. Our solutions are designed to be integrated with your KYC,PMS or Cross Border Risk management or other software. Dependent on your infrastructure we adapt the APIs of our solutions.  We have a large experience with different applications.

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